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TV Repair pune is your best choice for LCD, LED, and plasma TV repair in pune, Maharashtra. Urban TV sells refurbished TV’s, new Sony 4K TVs, and circuit boards. Unlike other pune TV shops, we will not charge you a diagnostic fee- just bring your TV in for a free estimate!

What do we fix?

We fix LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Plasma TVs, specializing in the following brands:

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, Sony, Insignia, Hitachi, Sanyo, RCA, Polaroid, Element, Toshiba, JVC, Olevia, Akai, Haier, Maxent, Sigmac, Viore, Pioneer, Sharp, Sylvania, and Zenith.

Don't pay until your TV is fixed!

Here at TV Repair pune, we don't charge you for an estimate. We won't even charge you for parts until the job is done (unless the cost of parts exceeds ₹2500). This means most of the time you won't need to pay a cent until your TV is fully fixed and ready to go!

Why choose TV Repair pune for your TV service?

In-store or in-home service

Many big box stores ship your TV out-of-house (or more likely, out-of-state) to a separate repair facility. We operate our own service department here in our store. Not only that, our service technician can often make housecalls to diagnose and/or service your TV.

Component-level repair

Some TV repair shops simply choose to replace larger parts like circuit boards, even when the malfunction is limited to a small component on those boards. Our expert technician can actually fix the small component-level issues (like failing capacitors) that are actually making those parts defective. That often means a cheaper repair bill!

Choice parts

When a larger part like a circuit board does need to be replaced, some TV repair shops will employ used or factory-harvested parts. We choose to service your television with factory-rebuilt parts to ensure optimal performance and a longer operating life.

Seasoned expertise

Our dedicated, full-time TV technician has been with us for many years, and he undergoes extensive and continuous training to stay on top of the latest technology. He is factory-authorized to perform high-quality service on the industry’s top brands. If you have a question about your repair, you can call and actually talk to the person performing your repair. You can’t do that with other stores that ship out your TV for service somewhere else.

Warranty service

We service what we sell, which is one of the best reasons to buy your TV here at TV Repair pune. When you buy a Sony TV with us, we are your factory-authorized service center. Your TV stays right here in your community.

LED TV Repair in pune

Common symptoms we fix:

  • No initial image on screen (no picture, but light indicating the unit is on)
  • Doesn't turn on at all
  • LED in the front shows the TV is on but there is no image or sound
  • TV turns on, sound works but no picture
  • LED in the front is blinking, and the image is not showing
  • TV turns on and then right back off
  • TV turns itself on and off constantly until unplugged
  • IR sensor board is not working, making the buttons on the TV and the remote useless
  • Sound is not working
  • Inputs are no longer working
  • Image appears really faint
  • Colors seem washed out or and solarized
  • TV turns off randomly or after a specific set of time
  • TV turns on but freezes
  • TV is stuck in color test pattern mode

LED TV Service Center in pune

How do we operate?

  • Our prices for TV repair are lowest in pune, Maharashtra.
  • FREE estimates!
  • 6 month warranty on parts and labor included!
  • Excellent customer support 8108206371

TV Repair Service in pune

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