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Our mission is to provide cost efficient repair services by developing long term positive relationships through mutual trust and respect, based on the highest level of integrity, courtesy and product knowledge.

A high quality LED TV Repair, LCD TV Repair & Plasma TV Repair Service from TV Repair Pune

As TV specialists, here at TV Repair Pune we're experts when it comes to LED TV repairs and plasma TV repairs. In addition to our huge selection of high quality cheap TV deals, we also offer a convenient and cheap TV repair service for faulty LCD and LED TVs, in addition to a wide range of other TV types.

Regardless of the size or brand, we're confident that our experienced team can provide an excellent cheap tv repair service, so you can get back to watching your favourite shows and movies in no time.

A Single Source You Know and Trust

At TV Repair Pune we pride ourselves on the quality of our cheap TV repairs. There are a number of benefits associated with our high quality TV repairs service too, including:

  • The option to drop off your TV to any of our 3 TV Repair Pune warehouses
  • A fast, free, no obligation estimate for the repair cost of your TV
  • Very reasonable repair charge
  • A guarantee on all repair work we do on your TV

That's why if you're in need of an LCD TV repair, LCD TV repair, plasma TV repair, or indeed any other kind of TV repair, TV Repair Pune should be your number one choice!

LED TV Repair in Pune

If your TV has a smashed screen most TV repair companies will tell you the smashed screen will cost too much to replace. You are likely to be advised that it is beyond economical repair and that it is cheaper for you to buy a new TV!

However, you will be pleased to hear that TV Repair Pune are able to replace smashed TV screens at surprisingly cheap prices. To find out more, please contact us with the model number of your TV (printed on the back of the TV) for more information, either by email or by giving our friendly advisors a call on 8108206371.

LED TV Service Center in Pune

Please note: We are the authorised dealers for screens for many manufacturers and have a huge range of screens available for sale in stock. Please contact us for more details.


LED TV Repair

LED TV Repair Services in Pune

LED TV repair is almost identical to LCD TV repair. They both use an LCD screen. The difference is in the type of lamps used to give it light. LCD TVs use CCFL lamps that run across the screen. LED TVs use LEDs that are placed in a matrix throughout the screen or in a rows along the top or bottom of the screen.


LCD TV Repair

LCD TV Repair Services in Pune

Liquid-crystal display televisions (LCD TV) are color television sets that use LCD technology to produce images. These large, high-tech televisions demand high-tech knowledge and expertise when in need of repair. TV Repair Pune has the knowledge and expertise to fix your problem LCD television efficiently and quickly.


Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV Repair Services in Pune

There is no place in Pune that has as much experience with Plasma TV Repair. Plasma TVs are a more difficult to repair than LCD and LED TVs. There are techniques we use to "force on" LCD and LED TVs that help us diagnose problems. Plasma TVs don't have a way to be "forced on." Plasmas are brighter, have deeper blacks, and have better viewing angles.